5 Tips for Great Cake Smash Photography

cake smash photography

I love cake smash photography!  It is so much fun to capture the amazing expressions and mess that a sweet little one year old can make.  However, some kids don’t like their cake smash right away and there are some tips that can help the cake smash happen without any tears.

1.  Practice – Practice a cake smash…yes…I said it.  It’s a good idea to let your child try some cake or a cupcake with icing before their cake smash session.  Let them make a mess!  Most of the time we discourage our babies and kids from making a mess while eating.  So when they get to a cake smash session and we want them to make a mess they are confused.  Also, they may have never tasted a cake or touched icing so they feel unsure and don’t want to touch it let alone smash it.  Letting them practice before hand gets them used to the feel and taste of a cake.  If you don’t want to let them practice with a cake try some cold mash potatoes and let them play 🙂

2.  Plan Around Naps – When scheduling the cake smash photography session make sure to think about nap times.  Kids are always happier in the earlier morning or after an afternoon nap.  It’s best to schedule the photo shoot well away from nap time to guarantee those adorable smiles and content attitudes.

3. Bring Treats – Bring your child’s favourite little treat to sprinkle on top of the cake.  A few cheerios, gold fish crackers, or a bit of fruit can do wonders for getting a child to reach for their cake.  Even if they don’t like the cake it looks like they are reaching for it and touching it.  These small treats can be easily hidden in the cake or Photoshopped out so they don’t affect the photographs.

4.  Wear Easily Washable Clothes – This tip is for the parents.  Even though this cake smash photography session is for your child I guarantee you will get messy!  You will be helping your child get into position if they crawl or walk around and you may even have to help them smash up the cake a bit.  You will get icing and cake on you so be prepared by wearing some old, easy to wash clothing.

5.  Relax and Have Fun – Babies are incredibly responsive to our moods.  Having professional photos done can be stressful but the more you can relax the more fun your baby will have.  There’s no rush.  Take your time and let the baby get used to being in a studio, the lighting, and the photographer.  The photographer will have lots of tricks to get the baby smiling and into the cake.

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