Aria’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash And Splash Photoshoot

Edinburgh, Scotland

It is important to note here that a very small amount of cake is consumed by your baby in their Cake Smash Photoshoot.

We introduce the gorgeous cake smash cake and your baby will taste the icing and possibly find the texture a little different to what they are possibly used to. I will capture sweet images and all the enjoyment.

Usually the first part is grabbing the ONE cake topper so we have to work quickly to capture the ultimate “Happy Birthday to be ONE” photo for your album with the cake, the cake topper and your baby.

After a while, I then break open the cake and spread the cake around to imply a smashed cake. This gives the opportunity for your baby to play around with the cake sponge part, maybe taking a bite. Sometimes i may be allowed to squish the cake around their feet to capture some cute iced baby toes.

And that is that really. The aim is definitely to not have a baby over consume a whole cake. I am just looking for variety and a few different angles to keep your gallery interesting and capture the entire experience.

You get to take a delicious cake home to celebrate your wonderful shoot with grandparents or family friends. There is usually a decent amount totally intact for an afternoon tea.

cake smash and splash
cake smash and splash
cake smash and splash