Our Very First Baby Photo Studio!



Our very first marketing flyer created for the opening of our new baby photo studio

Opening our 1st studio was a dream come true. It was not a huge space but it was my very 1st space and boy was I proud of my baby photo studio. Suddenly, we could put our work up on the walls. My clients get to see how wonderful it is to print and enjoy your images everyday. We offered wallart, albums, photo jewellery and other gorgeous prints.

Jumeirah Centre located in a beautiful area of Dubai with coffee shops, boutiques, book shops and so many others. I loved working in this creative hub right next to the sea. This was a very special place to be.

We had a lot to do to make this space perfect for my clients. We replaced the floors, the guest toilet, painted the walls, installed a new gliding system with studio lights etc. It was a big job but we loved creating our new space.