Tarik 5 month Baby Photoshoot

Baby Photographer Edinburgh, Scotland

Meet the sweetest little boy ever. Tarik is now 5 months touching his toes, rolling onto his tummy and full of smiles and long stares.  A baby photoshoot is such a wonderful way to capture this wonderful and special stage of your baby.

This session can be very tricky because more often than not, your baby may be battling teething.

In this shoot, little Tarik had his fingers in his mouth so we gave him a Autumn brown leaf silicone teether @orchidsbloomingprops which worked well with the colours of the photos, worked as a prop for the photos and kept Tarik’s fingers out of his mouth. I was able to capture beautiful images of his face and his cute expressions.

Babies at this stage can get tired very, very quickly. Their smile bank goes down fast. Therefore working quickly and not spending too much time in one setup is really helpful. I hope to capture the baby in about 3 setups and hopefully some cute ones inbetween.

A baby photoshoot for  a 5 month baby only lasts around 30 to 40 minutes of actual photoshoot. This allows plenty of time for changing clothes etc. Babies can get quite uptight when they are rushed.

baby photoshoot baby photographer Edinburgh
baby photoshoot Edinburgh Nicky Mclean Photography
baby photoshoot Edinburgh Nicky Mclean Photography
baby Photographer Edinburgh Nicky Mclean Photography
Baby Photoshoot Edinburgh Nicky Mclean Photographer

Little 5 month Tarik was touching his toes, lying on his back and rolling on to his tummy. He was intrigued with toys and teethers, He was full of smiles and long stares. He was a very content and happy baby and up for play. These sessions are always baby-led and work almost like a baby sensory play session. They are quite tired and enjoy a soundful sleep.

baby photographer Edinburgh
baby photoshoot of 5 month baby boy
baby photoshoot Edinburgh
Baby Photographer Edinburgh baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot Edinburgh Nicky Mclean Photographer Edinburgh

Booking a baby session is so easy and simple. There are 3 ways to get in touch with me. You can email me directly on nicky@nickymclean.com or you are welcome to phone me on 07909876534  or you can fill in the contact form below which will also send me an email. I will take under 24 hours to get back to you. If you don’t hear from me, it may have been a glitch, Please do try again. I would love to hear from you and discuss a shoot for your special baby.

baby photoshoot
Baby Photographer Edinburgh
baby photoshoot Edinburgh

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