When is the best time to book your maternity photo session

When is the best time to book your maternity photo session

Your pregancy is such a special and life-changing time of your life. It is amzing how your body is perfectly designed to change to support your growing baby. Everyday there is a new change and experience …… some wonderful and others not so great.

It all passes by so quickly, it no time at all you will be holding your little baby. That is why having professional maternity photographs taken is such a wonderful thing to do – documenting this magical time forever, so that you can look back and remember how amazing it was to carry your baby.

When you are planning a maternity photoshoot, you may have many questions. From to wear to the best time in your pregnancy to have the photographs taken.

when is the best time to book your maternity photos

How Far Along In Your Pregnancy Should You Be For Maternity Pictures?

You will find thar every photographer has their own preference about when they take maternity photographs during your pregnancy.

The window for a pregnancy photoshoot falls between months 7 and 8 of pregnancy. Having your maternity session at this time will usually result in the most flattering photographs as your bump is nice and round at this stage, but not so heavy that you feel overly tired and uncomfortable.

It also means that you have the photographs taken well before your baby reaches full term at 37 weeks.

After all, you can’t go back and take the photographs once your baby arrives.


Edinburgh Maternity photography images photoshoot ideas.

What happens if I am having twins  or triplets,

or am due to have my baby early.

Are the rules of maternity photos different?

Every pregnancy is different, and you may be in a situation where your doctor has discussed the possibility of you having an early delivery.

In  this case please don’t worry. The 30 to 36 week guideline is only that and not a rule.

It is important to let me know if this is the case. You may need to come in at the start of the window. We will discuss the kinds of photographs we can take earlier in your pregnancy.

When to Book your Maternity Photo Shoot


I recommend that my clients book their maternity photo shoot as soon as they have had their 12 or 20 week scan. Since there is little flexibility over when you can have the shoot this gives you the best chance of securing the most convenient time and date for you. This gives us plenty of time to plan your shoot that is tailored to you.

Edinburgh Maternity photography images photoshoot ideas.

Pregnancy flies by really quickly. Between appointments, baby shopping, choosing your baby’s name and researching your birth options, it is really easy to let your maternity shoot slip your mind. I hope this information helps and gives you a better idea of the timings involved so that you can plan your shoot in time.



Your can find out more about booking a maternity shoot with me here:

Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family!

Family Photographer sharpen pet photography skills!


Capturing newborn babies and their families also lends itself to capturing the small, furry friends that join our family. Today I was the family photographer for our little Owen, our classic English Bull Dog Pup. We are really excited to have a little puppy in the house again. Our Bull Mastiff is having to share the sofa and his toys. Here are a couple of images of our little guy. He is so adorable.

I used my favourite lens to capture Owen which is my canon 70-200mm 2.8. Puppies tend to huddle around your feet so it is really difficult to capture their cuteness. Owen was just walking around and with this lovely lens, I was able to lie down and just observe him. Treats and some very weird whistling noises helped to grab his attention.

Sending a cheers out to all the pet photographers out there. You see all these gorgeous images of pets and think – I can do that! Boy this was a lot tougher that I expected. I think I will stick to babies.

family photographer

I am taking this opportunity to recommend our dog trainer Mark Walker who is amazing. Mark was recommended to us and he is the best decision we ever made as pet owners. Mark has a fantastic way with dogs.

Facebook: @markwalkerdogtraining


There are some amazing pet photographers in Edinburgh. I thought I would also recommend a few that capture animals beautifully.


GWS Photography 

Nicola Ptak Photography

Mutley’s Snaps