Grayson’s Circus Cake Smash Photoshoot

Cake Smash Photographer – Edinburgh

circus cake smash photography

What a brilliant Circus Cake Smash Photoshoot and what an adorable family. I enjoyed every minute of the planning and creating this set. The best part was the absolute appreciation and enjoyment from Grayson’s parents who also enjoyed their son’s Circus Cake Smash Shoot.

The special “Popcorn bucket” inspired cupcake was beautifully created by the extremely takented bakers at Mimis Bakeouse.The cake was a definitely the best I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous and delicious!

With my very limited sewing skills, I carefully crafted the little red Ringmaster Tail coat for Grayson with the gold closures and the black bloomers. I had luckily stumbled on the black vintage top hat from inspiring store in Cape Town, South Africa. I knew this would come in handy one day.

Together with Grayson’s mum, we decided on the colours of the balloons. The foil Lion and Elephant balloons definitely made you feel the celebration of being at the Circus.

The Hula Hoops were a last minute idea just to bring everything together which I found at Edinburgh Bargain Stores. They were a great idea to frame the family in a clever way that worked especially well with the chosen theme.

Grayson was a brilliant Ring Master and thoroughly enjoyed his own little circus with popcorn and toys to play and enjoy. After all that fun, he cleaned up with a bit of extra fun in a lovely, relaxing bubble bath.

A Memorable Circus Cake Smash and one I will always remember. xxx


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