Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family!

Family Photographer sharpen pet photography skills!


Capturing newborn babies and their families also lends itself to capturing the small, furry friends that join our family. Today I was the family photographer for our little Owen, our classic English Bull Dog Pup. We are really excited to have a little puppy in the house again. Our Bull Mastiff is having to share the sofa and his toys. Here are a couple of images of our little guy. He is so adorable.

I used my favourite lens to capture Owen which is my canon 70-200mm 2.8. Puppies tend to huddle around your feet so it is really difficult to capture their cuteness. Owen was just walking around and with this lovely lens, I was able to lie down and just observe him. Treats and some very weird whistling noises helped to grab his attention.

Sending a cheers out to all the pet photographers out there. You see all these gorgeous images of pets and think – I can do that! Boy this was a lot tougher that I expected. I think I will stick to babies.

family photographer

I am taking this opportunity to recommend our dog trainer Mark Walker who is amazing. Mark was recommended to us and he is the best decision we ever made as pet owners. Mark has a fantastic way with dogs.

Facebook: @markwalkerdogtraining


There are some amazing pet photographers in Edinburgh. I thought I would also recommend a few that capture animals beautifully.


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