Older Newborn Photo session

Older Newborn Photo session


Newborn Photographer Edinburgh, Scotland

My older newborn sessions captures your baby’s 1st few weeks which with a set of beautiful images of your beautiful baby and family potraits. 

The early days of having a baby can be a whirlwind so I keep things as simple and relaxed as possible so you can enjoy this amazing experience. I will make sure you are are prepared and enjoy your shoot and afterwards you will have beautiful images to enjoy.

Newborn baby in these images was 2 months old.

He slept half of the session and the other half we captured gorgeous awake images and family images.

older newborn photography Edinburgh
2 month old baby boy newborn photography. Edinburgh Newborn Photographer. Nicky Mclean Photography
older newborn photoshoot Nicky Mclean Photography


newborn baby boy

Older Session fee is £450

This fee includes:

* preparation emails and telephone calls to help you feel relaxed and prepared for your photo shoot

* 2 to 3 hour older newborn session at my studio, including family and sibling portraits.

* professional editing and retouching of the photographs from your session

* a private viewing gallery where you can see your beautiful photographs

* Your Full Gallery (Minimum of 25 Images) in Colour and Black and White

The session fee does not include prints or products; these can be purchased afterwards once you’ve seen the photographs.

A £100 Deposit is required to book your session.

Balance of session is due on the day of your older newborn session.

Rainbow Smiles

Rainbow Smiles

Rainbow Smiles Children's Charity
Rainbow Smiles Children's Charity

Rainbow Smiles


“Children may not remember all the hard work and support that was required to raise them properly but they will always reflect on how happy they were while growing up. Children deserve to grow up knowing they were worth it and that they mattered enough for people to care.”

Nicky Mclean

Nicky Mclean Photography is more than just capturing a pretty picture. We are very aware on how important it is to capture the best memories for our wonderful clients and their families.

On the other hand, we are also very aware of the dismal reality of children in this world who do not have a happy time growing up. We thrive on sharing part of our success with the amazing charity organisations that are committed to improving the lives of children and their families in our community. We are always looking for effective ways to be part of the bigger picture; being part of the solution.

Raising Smiles

Raising Smiles is a charity that has been setup to provide smiles and happiness to children that are in hospital or hospices throughout the UK.


Phone: 0800 772 0824  /  Email: happy@raising-smiles.org

Registered Charity: United Kingdom Charity No. 1180029

Baby Outdoor Photoshoot

Baby Outdoor Photoshoot

baby photoshoot one year old baby photoshoot

“Watch Me Grow”

Milestone Baby Photoshoot Collection”

The first year of your baby’s life is honestly one of the most engaging and ever changing few months you will ever live with your baby. Reflecting on this year will leave you feeling like you have run a marathon – all the milestones and increased independance.

There are so many cute moments you are going to want to remember. This is where our “Watch Me Grow” Baby Photoshoot collection comes in and can really help you to achive this.

A very basic baby milestone guide for the 1st year include:

Finding my Toes and tummytime : around 3 to 5 months

Sitting and possibly Crawling: 6 to 10 months

First Steps: 1 year and onwards

Every baby is very different and the above guide is only a rough idea what is ahead. Every baby develops at differnt rates. If capturing your baby during the 1st year, it is best to have enough time in between your shoots so you can see enough changes over the time period.

Milestone: Toes and Tummy Time

3 to 5 months

(Your baby has found their toes and is holding their toes in their hands or just bringing their toes up in the air. Tummy time is popular at this stage as their neck is getting really strong now and they can look up a little). Your baby’s face and expressions would have changed a lot from their newborn stage.)


baby touching her toes in baby photoshoot
baby lying on tummy with stuff animals in baby photoshoot

Milestone: Sitting and Crawling

(6 to 10 months)

Your baby will start seeing the world up right which will bring along a huge amount of independance and intrigue. Thisis truly a fun and beautiful time which is fully red rosey cheeks and gummy smiles. Again your babies face and expressions are changing.

baby sitting in baby photoshoot
baby lying on stomach with monkey in baby photoshoot

Milestone:  First Steps

(1 Year and onwards)

Your Independant Baby has got a mind of their own and have hit the wild ONE! This is genuinely such a special time for you as a parent and celebrating with family images with your not so baby anymore is a splendid occassion. I absolutely love capturing these sessions.

We will capture portraits of your baby, family portraits with you and your baby and all together and finish off with your chosen way to celebrate their birthday albeit with a cake, balloons etc.

I then complete the session with your baby having a bubble bath and capture some final images for your gallery. So you not only go home with a beautiful full gallery of images but also a clean and probably tired baby.

baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot

How does the “Watch Me Grow” Baby Photoshoot Collection work?

 The “Watch Me Grow” Collection consists of two mini shoots and one Family Birthday Shoot.


What is included:

* Session Fees: 2 mini shoots of 1 hour and 1 birthday Family shoot of 1 1/2 hours


The Milestone Shoots are evenly spread out as follows:

1st Mini Shoot – 3 to 5 months

2nd Mini Shoot – 6 to 10 months

Birthday Family Shoot – 1 year and onwards


* Full use of studio props and outfits

* Professional Editing and retouching of the images from your sessions

* A private Gallery where you can view your gorgeous new images and choose your favourites.

* Full Gallery (around 25 images ) per session on a USB which will be in colour and black and white.

* A beautiful keepsake coffee table book with all your favourite images over the year.

* A 50% Deposit is required for the Baby Plan


Package price: £450





baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot 1st birthday
baby photoshoot
baby photoshoot baby with banana
baby photoshoot 1st birthday
Welcome to our new Edinburgh Baby Photography Studio!

Welcome to our new Edinburgh Baby Photography Studio!

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Zoe’s Magical Unicorn 1st Year Cake Smash Photoshoot

Zoe's Magical 1st Year Cake Smash PhotoshootZoe's mum requested for the photoshoot to be designed around a magical unicorn theme. Zoe's eldest sister is crazy about unicorns. When you have older children, it is so important to try and create an idea that will be...

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Planning an Allergy-Free Cake Smash Photoshoot

Planning an Allergy-Free Cake Smash PhotoshootWho said you cannot book a cake smash photoshoot because your baby has severe allergies?It may take only a small amount of allergen to cause a dangereous reaction. Baby Safety is always a top priority for any situation. It...

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Eric’s Sitter Photoshoot

Eric Sitter PhotoshootTime really does fly in the 1st year. A couple of months ago, I captured this precious boy in his older newborn photoshoot at 7 weeks. He is now 7 months! A sitter photoshoot is such a wonderful shoot.Book your Sitter Baby Photoshoot here

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Hannah’s Newborn Family Photoshoot

Hannah's Newborn Family PhotoshootWe had a fantastic newborn family shoot with Hannah all brand new at 7 days NEW with her dad, mum and big sister. The whole shoot was based around images together as a family, sibling images and then we went on to capture Hannah in...

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Ann’s Sitter Baby Photoshoot

Ann's Sitter Baby PhotoshootSitter Baby Photography is a great opportunity to capture your baby at a very unique stage. Why is this stage unique? Generally babies this age are amazed by everything new, silly sounds and are just so happy to be having their photo taken....

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Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family!

Family Photographer sharpen pet photography skills!


Capturing newborn babies and their families also lends itself to capturing the small, furry friends that join our family. Today I was the family photographer for our little Owen, our classic English Bull Dog Pup. We are really excited to have a little puppy in the house again. Our Bull Mastiff is having to share the sofa and his toys. Here are a couple of images of our little guy. He is so adorable.

I used my favourite lens to capture Owen which is my canon 70-200mm 2.8. Puppies tend to huddle around your feet so it is really difficult to capture their cuteness. Owen was just walking around and with this lovely lens, I was able to lie down and just observe him. Treats and some very weird whistling noises helped to grab his attention.

Sending a cheers out to all the pet photographers out there. You see all these gorgeous images of pets and think – I can do that! Boy this was a lot tougher that I expected. I think I will stick to babies.

family photographer

I am taking this opportunity to recommend our dog trainer Mark Walker who is amazing. Mark was recommended to us and he is the best decision we ever made as pet owners. Mark has a fantastic way with dogs.

Facebook: @markwalkerdogtraining


There are some amazing pet photographers in Edinburgh. I thought I would also recommend a few that capture animals beautifully.


GWS Photography 

Nicola Ptak Photography

Mutley’s Snaps